The Double Lazy T Ranch is located in the Great Plains of central Kansas. It is our privilege to be part of the exciting, American Aberdeen cattle market, and we welcome the opportunity to share the experience with you.

American Aberdeen cattle are rugged, hardy, low-input cattle that were the foundation of the Angus breed.  With the increasing numbers of small acreage farms, owners are looking for business opportunities that are financially feasible and easy to manage. Small acreage enthusiasts who have a little extra space and are looking for an animal to provide the potential for profit and enjoyment should look no further than Amercian Aberdeen cattle.

The Double Lazy T Ranch is dedicated to developing and improving American Aberdeen Cattle. Our breeding programs at the Double Lazy T Ranch are geared around these principles: establish a top-quality herd, and develop high performance cattle to sell as breeding stock, show stock, or delicious beef. We believe our cattle should benefit both segments of the beef industry from ranch to slaughter.

We invite you to learn more about our cattle by clicking the links above to browse our website. Feel free to call us or send an e-mail to discuss your future in this growing business. Whether you need one bull, a dozen bulls, replacement females, or require complete "herd development," we will personally help you fit the appropriate genetics to your needs, because we all benefit from the success of others.


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Investment Potential
A growing enterprise with potential as a secondary income or full-time business. The American Aberdeen cattle market is expanding and will continue to grow as it gains recognition for its true commercial value. American Aberdeen cattle may also be used to classify small acreages for agricultural exemption status and tax credits.

Time & Labor Efficient
American Aberdeen cattle are much easier on equipment and facilities. They are more manageable and maintenance costs are lower. They provide the producer with peace of mind regarding calving ease and low birth weights.

Double Lazy T American Aberdeen cattle are registered with the American Aberdeen Association.

Moderate frame size
American Aberdeen cattle may be used to moderate frame size for maximum production. Crossed with larger breeds, American Aberdeen genetics can quickly reduce frame size and improve feed efficiency.

Higher Stocking Rates
American Aberdeen cattle may be stocked at a higher rate; produce more beef per year on the same pasture. They finish well on grass alone and are an excellent genetic source for grass fed programs.

Ideal Carcass Size
Fullblood American Aberdeen cattle produce smaller carcasses and smaller cuts of quality meat that perfectly fit into the family freezer, saving the inconvenience of finding a buyer for the other half.

Highly Adaptable
American Aberdeen cattle are highly adaptable to a wide variety of climates.

Feed Efficiency
American Aberdeen cattle are more efficient on feed and grass. They maintain excellent body condition on low quality roughage.

Environmentally Friendly
Smaller size and weight means there is less likelihood of erosion and damage to your pasture.